Proteo S.r.l.

Proteo s.r.l. was born in Novi Ligure in 1991 and develops in the field of industrial plant engineering due to the professional experience of its founders, firstly carving out and then consolidating its position as a proven reliability in some sectors particularly critical, such as safety of industrial plants with quickness of interventions by skilled technicians, and competence in the regulations placed at the service of its customers.

As time passes, and the shifting of industry market, Proteo has followed his own instinct for adaptation, and has developed parallel to industrial commercial activity.
In 2005, Proteo has laid the foundations of a bridge to China, establishing partnerships in international trading with a satellite company of the famous Xi'an Space Engine Factory. In March 2006, Proteo and Xi'an Yuanfar International Trade Company have signed the joint venture agreement between the two companies.

Today, as on the day of its creation, Proteo is modeled on the requirements of the market and its customers, offering an efficient and exclusive service based upon the experience and professionalism of its members.

The quality and efficiency are our aim and our main competitive factors are the foundation of our prestigious commercial results and our statement both nationally and internationally. Proteo srl has obtained the UNI EN ISO 9001 (Total Quality) and ISO 14001 (Quality and environmental management).
uni en iso 9001
uni en iso 14001