Trading of industrial plants

Procurement per Aeroporto di Uyo (Nigeria), nuovo Terminal internazionale
Taking advantage of its technical experience, and in collaboration with partners such as professional Traders Yupro Italia srl and Xi'an Yuanfar Int. Trade Company, this last one in support on the P.R.C. market, Proteo srl has over the years developed the business of trading of industrial plants.

We have gained significant experience in procurement for major industrial groups in the oil and gas industry, in aerospace, and construction, thanks to our decades of trade relations and cooperation in P.R.C.

Procurement per Aeroporto di Uyo (Nigeria), nuovo Terminal internazionale
Carriponte forniti per hangar Aeroporto di Uyo (Nigeria)
Fornitura componenti di carpenteria per hangar Aeroporto di Uyo (Nigeria)
Componenti di macchine grafiche venduti in Cina
Macchina grafica venduta in Cina

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